By accessing the E-Hire  website you consent to the following terms and conditions of use.

By using the website, opening an account or agreeing to the Terms and Conditions when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound to these Terms and Conditions and E-Hire’s Privacy Policy.

This website is available to users who are 18 years of age or older. By using this website you represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract and meet the obligations of any contract you enter on this website.

E-Hire doesn’t monitor or review content of other 3rd parties’ websites that decide to create a link to any page of this website. If a link is create of this website such parties do so at their own risk.


Buyers are users who purchase goods and services on E-Hire

Custom jobs are tailor-made offers on goods and services that vendors can offer

Jobs are goods and services offered on E-Hire

Vendors are users who offer goods and services by offering jobs

E-Hire points are earned by both vendors and buyers on completed and reviewed jobs


  • Vendors who have not subscribed to the annual membership will be offered a trial period whose grace period will be determined by E-Hire
  • All unsubscribed vendors are still subject to all terms and conditions
  • Unsubscribed vendors will be allowed a limited number of job posts and limited access determined by E-Hire
  • Upon the end the grace period unsubscribed vendors will be required to subscribe at a fee for annual membership  
  • Subscribed vendors will received a ‘Verified’ badge on their profile
  • Vendors posts jobs on E-Hire which will be visible to buyers following approval by E-Hire
  • Vendors with rejected jobs will be provided with feedback and amendments if possible to be made
  • Vendors must provide honest and accurate job posts
  • Vendors will receive E-Hire points based on completed orders and reviews


  • All jobs are created by vendors and E-Hire is not responsible for this content (Refer to ‘User Created Content’)
  • Each job post will give the vendor an option to upload an image/s and video related to that job. These uploaded content must be an honest and accurate representation of the good or service offered
  • Each job post will give the vendor an option to tailor their job to three delivery/price points (‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’). Vendor must clearly state what the deliverables are for each option  
  • Jobs may be suspended and removed by E-Hire for violations which may include (but not limited to) to the following:
    • Illegal and fraudulent goods and services
    • Offering academic works on behalf of buyers
    • Low quality jobs (subject to review)
    • Copyright infringement
  • A suspended job may lead to the removal of the vendor’s account from the E-Hire website and no refund on subscription and other benefits provided by the website
  • Vendors will be allowed to post a maximum number of jobs according to the following criteria:
    • 5 job for unsubscribed vendors
    • 10 jobs for subscribed Level 1 vendors
    • 20 jobs for subscribed Level 2 vendors
    • 30 jobs for subscribed Level 3 vendors


  • In order to encourage a rapport for vendors, buyers must order goods and services through the E-Hire website. Payment to vendors for their rendered goods and services are to be made by buyers directly to vendors according to the payment plan outlined by the vendor in the job post

VIP Buyer

  • The VIP buyer is special feature for one time use at a fee
  • A VIP buyer will have access to create a one-time event with a checklist of targets to be met
  • The VIP user will have the right to invite their team/committee members to join the one-time event and participate in the completion of checklist as assigned by VIP buyer
  • The VIP buyer will be provided with an event summary including (but not limited to) costs, committee members output and total cost of event. This summary will be stored on VIP buyer’s account for future reference. Future anniversary events will be charged at a lower fee (determined by E-Hire) should the VIP buyer want to reuse the same one-time event stored structure
  • Buyers have wish list access
  • Coupons

User Created Content

  • User Created Content (UCC) relates to content on the E-Hire website that has been created by vendors and buyers. E-Hire will vet and screen such content however users are encouraged to report any content that is inappropriate, infringing on copyright or trademarks and any other violation of rights
  • E-Hire reserves the right to use UCC of all formats (videos, pictures, usernames and other information) uploaded onto the platform in a reasonable manner for marketing purposes


  • An order is placed by a buyer in response to a vendor’s job
  • A vendor has 24 hours to respond to an order. An unresponded order will be cancelled
  • An order is accepted by a vendor once received from buyer
  • Upon acceptance by the vendor of the order E-Hire will hold both parties accountable to complete the order according to the deliverables set out in the job post
  • Neither party should deviate from the requirements of the job post
  • The vendor will be liable to pay E-Hire 1% fee of the job price. This fee only be waived and pass onto the buyer should the buyer cancel the order before completion of the job
  • The 1% fee will be automatically charged to the vendor’s account and will be expected to be settled within the time stipulated by E-Hire
  • Upon completion of the job both parties are required to review each other
  • Following the review both parties will be awarded with points calculated by E-Hire’s automated system
  • Vendors may not threaten buyers to remove unfavourable reviews  
  • All goods and services obtained through the website is at your own risk. Unless vendors state that their goods or services carry a warranty or revision option E-Hire does not guarantee the completeness, reliability or quality of the goods and services rendered by vendors

Order Cancellations by Vendor

  • A vendor’s cancellation  of an order following an acceptance from the said vendor regardless of reason will result in the vendor being liable to pay the 1% fee of the job price to E-Hire within 30 days
  • A vendor’s cancellation will result in a penaly fee equavalent to the price of the job the vendor advertised as available
  • The vendor will receive point deduction calculated by E-Hire’s automated system

Order Cancellations by Buyer

  • A buyer cannot cancell an order once placed
  • E-Hire is not liable for any refund of deposits that the buyer has already given the vendor
  • The buyer will receive point deduction calculated by E-Hire’s automated system

Order Cancellations by E-Hire

E-hire reserves the right to cancel orders based on, but not limited to the following:

  • Once a vendor has accepted an order but is late on the delivery date agreed and the vendor is unresponsive to the buyers and E-Hires’ prompts (on the E-Hire platform)
  • One of the parties (vendor or buyer) is threatening the other in any form deemed unacceptable by E-Hire’s discretion
  • Vendors provided trademark/copyright infringing goods or services
  • One of the parties (vendor or buyer) is no longer an E-Hire member due to violation of Terms and Conditions set out by E-Hire
  • Vendor is withholding delivery of goods or services for an improved review from customer


  • Subscription annual fees paid by vendors is non-refundable in cash or any other monetary equivalent.


  • Users agree to be responsible to comply with all tax requirements applicable to them such as Sales Taxation


  • Upon completion of a job should either parties be dissatisfied by the conduct of the other E-Hire encourages the two parties to attempt to resolve the matter amicably
  • Any dissatisfaction rendered can be communicated through a review of the other party
  • Should the severity of the dispute be beyond the two parties then the aggrieved party is encouraged to lodge a complaint through the E-Hire website
  • While the E-Hire website is open to the public and reviews visible by any visitor to the website we encourage vendors and buyers experiencing a dispute to refrain from escalating the disagreement to platforms outside the website. E-Hire will not be responsible grievances caused in such incidences


  • In order to build a rapport both vendors and buyers will be required to review each other upon completion of a job
  • Vendors and buyers who give reviews will be awarded points
  • Both parties have 10 days upon completion of the job to review each other
  • We encourage buyers to take a photo of the completed work and upload as part of their review
  • Reviews will be visible to the public on each user’s profile
  • Reviews will not be removed unless in violation to the Terms and Conditions set here within
  • Each review submitted must be in relation to only one job rendered by the vendor through the E-Hire website only
  • Arranged purchases outside of the E-Hire websites, multiple fraudulent buyers accounts and any other activity attempting to manipulate the reviews and point system will result in the suspension and/or deletion of the accounts involved
  • Withholding delivery of goods or services to solicit favourable reviews is prohibited


Both vendors and buyers earn points on the E-Hire website. This helps both users build a rapport and encourage both parties to adhere to their obligations of high quality goods and services and amicable transactions between both parties. E-Hire reserves the right to award users with points, badges, special discounts and other benefits

  • Buyers gain points based on the number of completed and reviewed orders
  • Vendors gain points based on number of completed and reviewed orders
  • E-Hire’s automated system will calculate user points according to activity
  • Users who fail to meet their obligations risk the demotion to a lower level

Force Majeure

  • In the event that E-Hire experiences unforeseen circumstances resulting in users being unable to enjoy fulfilment of the agreement with E-Hire
  • These circumstances include but not limited to sales bans, war, riots, strikes or government measures
  • In an incident of force majeure occurs E-Hire will suspend or terminate the agreement upon which consultation with users will be sought and users will be entitled to seek compensation limited to their subscription fee before the incident of force majeure

Limitation on liability

E-Hire will not be liable for any damages of any kinds arising out of vendors and buyers use of the website

E-Hire will not be responsible for users personal injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress or loss of revenues/profits/savings weather direct, indirect, incidental or consequential